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Congratulations to Nico Smith and Pavan Ramkolowan for both achieving their NQF Level 4 in Real Estate. Please feel free to contact them to assist you with your property requirements.


SA Investment Update - Dividends play a vital role for investors

The ability of a company to pay out steady or growing dividends is often a sign of a healthy business and a good long-term investment. These dividend payments can play an important role for investors.

House Price Indices - South African House Price Growth Improving

Nominal year-on-year growth in the average value of homes in the middle segment of the South African housing market has improved in recent months up to April. Base effects remain a prominent factor in the latest trends in price growth. 

Investment Landscape - South Africa getting back to normal

Since 2008 the investment landscape has largely been shaped by quantitative easing (QE) – the process of creating money to buy bonds. This form of monetary policy, which is designed to stimulate economic growth, has served the secondary purpose of aiding the performance of certain financial markets.

South Africa - Property Contributes R191,4 billion to the National Economy

Economic activity in the property sector contributed R191.4 billion to the economy last year, reveals the Property Sector Charter Council study released on Tuesday 27 May 2014. “The 2013 report estimates the size of the economic activity in the property sector in terms of annual income and expenditure flows generated by the sector,” it said in a statement.

International Property - Londons Housing Supply / Residential Development 2014

The housing market in London has seen rising demand, transactions and prices over the past year. Development activity has also picked up in the residential sector, and the number of schemes under construction has risen to record levels. The key question for Londoners, as well as funders and developers, is whether there is a risk of oversupply of housing into the market in the coming years.

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