Property News - December 2011

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Residential research - The outlook for the UK housing market

Average house prices across the UK will drop by 5% next year and will show little convincing growth until 2014

Property Opinions - The Emotional Cost of Retirement

Moving on to bigger and better things is one thing, but what happens when the decision to do so is linked to retirement?

Property Management - Questions to ask when buying into a sectional title scheme

Those contemplating a purchase in a sectional title scheme often do not take sufficient trouble to investigate just how efficiently, or inefficiently - the scheme’s management is operating.


Legal Review - Sellers must keep in full touch with the transfer process

Another High Court case has shown again that, although a property seller appoints a conveyancing attorney to handle the legal and accounting aspects of his deal, he must continue to take full responsibility for the situation - and to check all the details. 


SA Mortgages - Need bond finance? … Let’s bond together!

Whilst property-hunting, it is worthwhile to approach a bond originator to find out what bond amount (and deposit) you are able to afford.

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