Property News - June 2011

Welcome to our property investment newsletter, the aim of which is to keep you up to date and informed as to the most recent property trends.
As our featured property we have included a large Durban North family home that has recently been reduced in price and offers excellent value for money. Our featured office and retail development has received strong tenant interest but we still have a few sites available for leasing at discounted rentals not found anywhere else within the Riverhorse Valley business precinct.

This month we have had two very relevant article submissions by two top conveyancing attorneys as they comment on the new Consumer Protection Act. We would also like to draw your attention to the latest article submitted by our principal Yianni Pavlou as he highlights some of the more poignant property deals that have recently been concluded by our company.


Legal Review - An update on the South African (CPA) Consumer Protection Act

Most people have experienced anxiety when purchasing goods or services, especially when large costs are involved. Consumers have grown used to paying huge amounts for the privilege of dealing with established and “reputable” companies, whilst many consumers with less spending power are forced to “take a chance”.

SA Property Law - Voetstoots and the Consumer Protection Act

With the Consumer Protection Act (“the Act”) having come into operation on 1st April this year, the question is whether a voetstoots clause may still be included in agreements of sale of immovable property.


UK Survey - Confused planning environment further undermining supply of new homes

Knight Frank finds the UK new homes market will fail to deliver nearly enough homes to service the growing population, with housing starts down 43% on 2007 levels: at current rates, the number of new homes being built is less than 50% of the annual increase in the number of households.


Inflation - The retired investor’s enemy no.1

Planning for the future is inherently difficult, but one of the biggest problems facing retirees is the level of inflation. Marriott Asset Management expects inflation to resurface and explains the investment implications.


PPI Market Update - Some of the more poignant deals concluded by Portfolio Property Investments

From this month onwards we will be introducing a new feature to our Newsletter which will be highlighting the poignant deals we have concluded the month before. Unfortunately, we cannot include all of our successful transactions but instead will focus on specific properties that highlight our diversity within the property market.

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