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For an up to the minute status on the UK lettings market and some solid advice for portfolio landlords have a read of the first article entitled: “UK Property – Lettings Market Advice” courtesy of Gareth Martin from Managed Exit.


As our featured property of the month we are marketing - THE PEPPER CLUB – an exclusive (5 star) hotel development in Cape Town. You the investor can purchase a sectional title unit with projected 12% yield and 30 days FREE hotel accommodation for as little as R900,000 for a studio apartment. For further information, please contact Yianni Pavlou on ++27 82 494 4555 or email him via [email protected]



UK Property - Lettings Market Advice

Theoretically speaking, the converse effect to a weakening in the sales market should be a strengthening of the lettings market. This is basic (soap box) property market theory, and relies on the premise that ultimately people need to live somewhere, and if they can’t buy they’ll have to rent. This make sense on paper, however in practice the reality is currently very different.

SA Estate Agents – An Update on the Education and Training of Estate Agents

The Education and Training Department of the Board has concentrated on ensuring the successful implementation of the new educational dispensation for estate agents which came into effect on 15 July 2008.

Global Economics – Worldwide Property Markets are an Indicator of South African Housing Activity

According to Alliance Group, Chief Executive, Rael Levitt when reviewing the health of residential property markets around the world, a picture emerges which is of great relevance to South Africa. Worldwide there has been slowing economic activity and a credit crunch contributing to a decline in housing activity, prices and construction in most major economies.

UK Property - Prime London residential market bounce strengthens

There has been a steadily improving picture in the central London market in recent months with buyers growing in number and deals beginning to shift upwards.There is no question that purely in terms of sales activity the central London market is unrecognisable from where it was six months ago.

SA Property – ABSA Residential Building Statistics

Data on residential building activity released by Statistics South Africa up to April 2009 indicate that the planning and construction phases of the housing sector remain depressed against the background of tough economic conditions.

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