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SA Property - Trends to expect in the township development office, retail spaces

As the fight against Covid-19 rages on, the property sector shows a bag of mixed results with some parts of the sector showing signs of growing demand and growth prospects while others are on their knees.

Property Outlook - Is lower inflation targeting the way to go for South Africa?

The rationale around having lower inflation in the economy is first, preserving the value of our currency in the long-term, and potentially partially reducing the long-term structural depreciation of the South African rand against our major trading partner countries who are developed economies in the main.

Property Owners - Your Rates Could Quadruple for Unauthorised Land Use

Municipalities all have the right (and the duty) to regulate land use in their areas, and amongst other sanctions, properties that are used unlawfully or without authorisation can be subjected to rates and charges on a penalty tariff.

Don’t Just Leave Your Loved Ones Assets – Leave Them a Legacy!

Follow these three simple steps to ensure that you don’t just leave behind assets, but also a lasting and valuable legacy.

SA Politics - State of the Nation Address ... but can we implement

Independent political analyst JP Landman gives an overview of the structural reform challenges South Africa faces.

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