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SA Political Research - COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

A proverbial storm has developed around South Africa’s procurement, or the perceived lack thereof, of Covid-19 vaccines. People are understandably anxious.

SA Property Development - Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park

Eris Property Group a leading property developer and services group in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa, with their development partner Intersite, has designed the Prime Destination park to provide 90,000sqm of modern business space. The park is ideal for users requiring commercial, retail, showrooms & offices space.

Legal Update - Arrest and a Criminal Record for Not Wearing a Mask

“7,000 people have already been arrested for not wearing masks and most of them now have criminal records” (Police Minister Bheki Cele in mid-January)

SA Property - A rental market under pressure

The after-effects of the Covid-19 lockdown has hit the rental market especially hard. Rental growth is at a historic low and vacancies are on the increase across the board. Is there a silver lining?

UK Property - Prime London Sales Report for January 2021

The annual price decline in prime central London was 4.3% for the third consecutive month in January, indicating a holding pattern while international travel restrictions remain in place.

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