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Legal Opinion - Before You Buy or Sell Property

Here’s 12 reasons to call your attorney first

Legal Talk - What Must You Prove to Remove a Trustee?

Trustees are of course supposed to work together to protect and further the interests of their trust and its beneficiaries, but the fact is that on occasion serious disputes can and do arise. If settlement negotiations fail and if there is no alternative but to forcibly remove a trustee our courts have the power to do so.

UK Property - High-value country house market is strongest UK performer

Country houses valued at £5m-plus saw the strongest price growth of any property type in the UK in the three months to June, due to interest in country living and the greater ability of buyers in higher-price brackets to transact.

International Property - Global Residential Cities Index Q3 2020

The Global Residential Cities Index tracks the movement in mainstream residential prices across 150 cities worldwide using official statistics.

Rental Vacancy - How to make your property appealing to tenants

Rental vacancy levels are continuing to rise in these uncertain times. Here, experts offer sound advice to landlords who are finding it difficult to attract or retain renters, including tips on pricing, presentation and welcoming pets.

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