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SA Market - 2020 Commercial Property Outlook

The List of pressures on the Office Property Market has been growing for many years. COVID-19 has not started a trend, just boosted it.

SA Economy - The Most Recent Economic Stagnation, Starting around 2012

South African economy ‘running out of options’ for the poor, and this may be increasingly visible at the lower end of the residential rental market.

UK Property - Residential Market Outlook: No ordinary summer

This will be no ordinary summer. Not just because overseas holidays and the Olympic Games have been postponed until 2021. There will also be an unusual pattern of activity in UK property markets for buyers and sellers to navigate.

SA Political Research - An independent analyst's view

In a time of intense contestation on the correct economic policy for South Africa, economists from the left, right and centre all agree on one thing: productivity matters.

Global Property - Super-prime residential market

Super-prime residential markets around the world outperform expectations despite Covid-19 lockdowns.

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