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International Property - Why is Lisbon currently in the spotlight?

In 2019, Lisbon was ranked the best city in Europe for investment and development prospects by PwC, up from 11th place in 2018. Solid economic fundamentals, affordable prices, a low cost of living and improving transport connections mean it is now an international destination for investors, developers and tourists alike. The city has also seen the arrival of a number of international developers in recent years which has boosted market sentiment.

Property Law - My tenant failed to pay rent, can I kick him out?

If your tenant has failed to pay his or her rent, it can be tempting to simply kick them out yourself and change the locks. However to do so would be considered illegal, even if the tenant has become an illegal occupant.

UK Property News - Residential Investment Report 2019

The Residential Investment sector is gaining traction in the UK. Investors looking for long-term returns are seeking out the opportunities afforded in the expanding private rented sector, especially purpose-built age-targeted accommodation.

Global Update - World's Fastest Rising House Prices

Global Update - Slovenia is on top, China's resurgent price growth is unlikely to last long and the gap between the US and the UK is widening.

Myth Busters – The sectional title edition (Part 2)

French journalist, writer and politician, Françoise Giroud once said: “Nothing is more difficult than competing with a myth.” While the wise lady certainly had a point, I welcome the challenge to “bust” some common sectional title related myths by using the ultimate weapon in the battle against myth: fact.

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