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This month sees the exciting launch of our Amazon affiliate programme. As our book of the month: - Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, both New York Times bestselling authors and titans of business, have joined forces to bring us their new book – Why we want you to be rich?

In our featured property slots we have both a United Kingdom buy-to-let property investment package as well as an awesome bed and breakfast business opportunity in the popular seaside holiday town of Ballito on the North Coast of South Africa.

Both these developments are great investment opportunities and we encourage our readers to take the time to have a look at them. Full investment reports can be provided on request.


UK Property - Residential market forecast – 2007 Q4 edition

The UK market has seen a significant shift in confidence and activity in the third quarter of 2007. The sellers market, which had characterised many parts of the country until the summer, has been replaced very quickly by a buyers market. The new market sentiment means that vendors are having to compete much harder to achieve timely sales and ambitious pricing has effectively ended across the prime and mainstream markets.

Legal Talk – Alternative forms of title to land in the Republic of South Africa

Traditionally the most common form of title to land in the Republic of South Africa has been through full ownership of the land in question. However it is becoming more and more common for landowners (particularly in the governmental/quasi governmental sectors) to elect to "dispose" of their land in terms of long leases rather than by way of the transfer of full ownership.

Coastal Property – South Africa's coastal property continues its strong performance

South Africa's coastal property market continues its exceptional performance - a trend that has seen price levels in these areas surpass those in the metropolitan areas, says Jacques du Toit, Absa Group senior economist.

What to buy – Building your South African property portfolio

Residential tends to be the starting point for private investors, but why stop there? Diversifying your portfolio can spread risk and boost returns – just make sure you have a clear strategy. For a private investor looking to diversify assets and risks, the process of buying a commercial property need be no more complicated than buying in the residential sector. This despite the sector having a language all of its own.

SA Property Finance - Entrepreneurs Move into Commercial and Industrial Property

Property ownership is becoming a more accessible option for South Africa’s entrepreneurs as property values continue to increase. The current climate is enabling more entrepreneurs to consider the option of purchasing commercial or industrial property - and many are taking advantage of this.

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