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Legal Update - Sharing is not always caring

All of us (especially those with siblings) have, from an early age, had to deal with the challenges of sharing something. Perhaps it was a toy or a bicycle or a seat on the couch. Whatever the case, it wasn’t always easy.

Redhill Property - Innovation Spurs Growth

THE NORTHERN Stretch of the North Coast Road has seen significant changes in the past two decades. Not only was it the first portion of the infamously busy and congested road to benefit from double-lanes traffic lanes, but the construction of several innovate commercial and light industrial developments may be viewed as the acid test for broader initiatives in neighbouring RiverHorse valley.

Legal Update - Property Practitioners Bill

Proposed changes to the use for which Fidelity Fund Insurance can be used could increase risks to consumers wanting to buy and sell property. That’s the view of Bradley Hancock, KZN Regional Broker Sub-Committee Chairperson of the SA Property Owners’ Association (SAPOA) KZN. 

Property development - in underserved areas: not for the faint of heart

In 2016, South Africa’s government announced plans to inject R865.4-billion into infrastructure projects such as housing, roads, rail, public transport, water and electricity, over three years. This was good news for property development companies working in underserviced areas. 

Jewellery Special - Luxury Investment Index Q2 2017

Jewellery overtakes cars as wine powers ahead. Records tumble as jewellery maintains its robust performance in the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index

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