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This month we would like to draw your attention to our SA Economy Update - Expectations for 2013 courtesy of Marriott Asset Management


SA Environmental Laws - D’MOSS a law unto itself

Residents of eThekwini and the surrounding areas are familiar with the “green” areas within the city such as Pigeon Valley, Burman Bush and Beachwood, all of which form part of a broader network of green areas within the city.

SA Economy Update - Expectations for 2013

Despite low income yields and relatively subdued income growth, 2012 proved to be a year where investment risk was rewarded. In the face of weak investment fundamentals and demanding valuations, the JSE All Share Index (ALSI) ended the year above 39,000, producing a total return of 26.7% for the year.

SA Mortgage Finance - New service to increase the chance of getting a home loan

Waiting to see if your bond application will be approved has always been one of the most stressful aspects of buying a new home – whether you’re a first-timer or an old hand.

SA Legal Talk - Is Tax Advice Protected By Legal Professional Privilege?

The Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011 (the Act) has expanded the information gathering powers of the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

SA Sectional Title - Levies on an equal "per owner" basis

Over many years of giving sectional title advice, I have seen a persistent theme of schemes charging levies on an equal "pro rata" basis, either for all expenses or for specified ones.

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