Property News - February 2012

Welcome to our Property Investment Newsletter, the aim of which is to keep you up to date and informed as to the most recent property trends and news.

As our featured properties we have included a mixture of corporate office space, industrial warehousing and distribution centres as well as prime residential properties available for rent or for sale.

Should you require a tenant for one of your properties then please do not hesitate to contact us as we currently have a waiting list of prospective tenants with clean credit records. We offer our landlords the option of full management or tenant placement only.


SA Consumer Protection Act (CPA) - The Truth of the Matter

Agents have borne the brunt of bad jokes for years and are viewed by many as unscrupulous. While there are undoubtedly agents out there who are notably lacking in conscience, is it really fair to lay all the blame at their feet?

UK Property - House prices fall again as expectations in financial sector slump

UK house prices are perceived to have fallen again in January, for the 19th consecutive month.


SA Property Tax - VAT Relief Interim for Property Developers

The VAT rules for developers temporarily renting residential properties are challenging from a practical and a legal perspective.

SA Property Law - The Validity of Title Deeds where the underlying sale agreement is invalid

A question that has sometimes arisen is whether a title deed (or deed of transfer) registered at the deeds office pursuant to an invalid underlying agreement remains valid or whether that title deed is also invalid.

International Property - Prime Scottish Property Index, Q4 2011 Headlines

Prime Scottish property prices slip by 3.2% in 2011 but the Scottish Borders buck the trend, rising by 1.2%

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