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Legal Matters - How to Stop Someone Damaging Your Good Name on Social Media

As our lives move increasingly online, more and more of us will be subjected to the distress and damage of online attacks. Whether they are aimed at hurting us personally or at harming our businesses, they can take a substantial toll both materially and psychologically.

Your New House Leaks Like a Sieve – Can You Sue the Seller?

You move into your new dream home, excited and happy. Until it rains, and the roof leaks. As the repair teams tramp around on your roof and the bills start piling up whilst you weave around buckets and tarpaulins and sodden carpets, you go back to the seller and demand recompense.

The Agenda - Your Roadmap to Effective Decisions in Sectional Title Scheme Meetings

Navigating your way through a sectional title scheme meeting can sometimes be daunting. But don't worry: understanding the purpose of the agenda can simplify the process and allow you to participate more effectively.

Empowering Sectional Title Schemes - The Case for Specialised Committees

Sectional title bodies corporate require careful planning and supervision of building maintenance, financial management, and owner/occupier engagement. Traditionally, bodies corporate have relied solely on trustees, leading them to become overburdened with a wide array of financial, physical and administrative operational duties or supervision responsibilities.

New to Community Schemes - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Sectional Title Schemes – Part One

Whether you are looking to buy property situated in a sectional title scheme or have recently inherited or bought an apartment, you are likely seeing and hearing terminology that is completely new to you. Fear not – while the world of sectional title schemes can be complex and overwhelming, we are here to help you make sense of it all.

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