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SA Politics - Integrating economics and foreign policy

It is a very apt description of the current debate in South Africa about United States (US), South Africa and Russia relations. Our foreign affairs establishment, with one or two exceptions, displays an astonishing lack of understanding of the economic consequences of foreign affairs decisions, ...

Dispute Resolution - Did a judge just find the issuing of CSOS adjudication orders without holding a hearing procedurally unfair?

On 9 May 2023 Acting Judge van Niekerk heard a review application brought by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) in the Gauteng High Court. The judgment was issued just two days later. Let’s take a closer look at the matter and some of the Court’s interesting findings.

Legal Speak Made Easy - “Bare Dominium”

Bare dominium” is ownership of a property without the right to use it. To put that into perspective, almost all of us have “full ownership” in our properties, so we can both sell them and “use and enjoy” them as we please. But if someone else has a right of usufruct ...

Trustees - Your New Duty to Report Beneficial Owners

South Africa's grey listing by the Financial Action Task Force, the global financial watchdog, has led government to hurriedly introduce new “Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing” measures to combat financial crimes.

Sectional Title - Maximizing your chances of a successful CSOS application

Working with Prof. CG van der Merwe, Graham has analyzed numerous Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) adjudicators’ orders in order to prepare the Paddocks CSOS Casebook series of ebooks. Drawing on this experience, in this article he provides advice to bodies corporate, owners, trustees, and tenants seeking a favorable outcome from their application to the CSOS for an adjudication order to resolve a dispute. 

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