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This month marks our 200th monthly newsletter and what an edition it is ...! 

With two celebratory articles on deals concluded by Yianni Pavlou our Company Principal and his latest sales of: -

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SOLD - Another massive Industrial Park in Gauteng

We are pleased to announce the successful Sale of the property known as Tillbury Business Park located in Midrand, Gauteng.

Legal Speak Made Easy - “Mutatis mutandis”

You may find the phrase “Mutatis mutandis” in contracts and in legislation. It simply means “subject to the necessary changes” or “with the necessary changes having been made”. In a renewal of lease for example ...

SOLD - Further Shopping Centres in Gauteng

This unique property is made up of 3 Malls all joined together as one and includes a further residential block of 86 Flats accessed via the mall – all sold as one property.

Sectional Title - Does prescribed Conduct Rule 1(2) include therapy pets and emotional support animals?

The role of therapy pets and emotional support animals in providing mental health support has gained increasing recognition in recent years. However, the question remains whether these animals are covered under the existing rules governing pets in sectional title schemes.

Ombuds - Why and How to Use Them

An “ombud” (often called ombudsperson, ombudsman or ombudswoman, and sometimes not referred to as an “ombud” at all) is an independent and impartial person or office who will investigate any complaint you may have against a business, government agency, or public or private institution falling under their authority.

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