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Property Development - If the Municipality Rejects Your Building Plans, Consider PAJA

Bureaucratic decisions can and do have far-reaching consequences for us, both financially and in our personal lives. It’s good to know therefore that whenever your rights are affected by any such decision, you have access to the protections set out in PAJA (the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act).

Bond Clauses - Beware the Deadlines!

Here’s yet another reminder from our courts on the danger of not complying strictly with every provision in a property sale agreement.

South Africa - Electricity and load shedding

Load-shedding brings with it the morbid destruction of many small businesses and the merciless disruption of peoples’ lives. Eskom is dying and cannot be saved in its current condition. Electricity provision, however, is not dying. It is important to distinguish between those two, lest we are overwhelmed by morbid symptoms.

Body Corporate - Setting up exclusive use areas for solar power harvesting

Now that load shedding has become a regular part of the South African experience, trustees in sectional title schemes are having to deal with an increasing number of applications by owners to install solar panels on ‘their’ roofs.

Sectional Title - Tips for Body Corporate Payment Plan Agreements with Owners

Collecting arrear levies is part and parcel of body corporate management. One of the ways to do this, without approaching the Community Schemes Ombud Service (“CSOS”) or a court for help, is for the body corporate to enter into a payment plan agreement with an owner who is willing to pay off their debt, but unable to do so immediately.

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