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Sectional Title - Community Scheme Disputes and the Ombud’s Powers to Resolve Them

If you have a dispute with anyone in a “Community Scheme” - sectional title, Homeowners Association (HOA) or the like - remember that your first port of call should be the CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Service).

Legal Update - Exemption Clauses in Contracts – Fine Print Can Void Them

For suppliers of goods or services, incorporating a strong, clearly worded exemption clause (a clause excluding or restricting your liability to the customer) into your contracts is an essential part of risk management. Just be aware of the restrictions that our laws place on them.

Dispute Resolution - Use this free form to file a complaint with your body corporate

Did you know that the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act contains a prescribed complaint form under annexure 4 which is intended to be used by owners and occupiers to notify their body corporate of any complaints which they may have in relation to their scheme?

Commercial Property KZN - Stop. Start. Build. MOVE?

Since the unrest, there has been a scramble for stop-gap premises by affected businesses, but what does this mean for the commercial property sector in KZN?

FIC Act - Managing money laundering risk in the property sector

The property sector can be targeted by criminals as a channel for laundering their criminal proceeds. Because they are vulnerable to being abused by criminals for purposes of money laundering, the FIC Act lists estate agents as accountable institutions.

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