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UK Property - Halifax Average House Price Index

Average house price dips for the first time since January as stamp duty holiday winds down

Sectional Title - Responsibility to repair and replace windows and doors

Who is responsible for the maintenance (including repair or replacement) of windows and doors within sectional title schemes?

Legal Update - Buying Property from a Company... should You Buy the Shares or the House?

The house is in the name of a company, and you are offered a choice – either buy the house out of the company or take over the company (which owns the house and nothing else) by buying the shares and thus avoid the delay and cost of a normal property transfer and registration in the Deeds Office.

Property Destruction - Can I “fire” my employee for looting?

Following the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, various protests, destruction of property, and widespread looting have taken place in KwaZulu-Natal and in parts of Gauteng. The use of cell phone cameras and video cameras have captured many of these devastating events in great detail, providing footage and photographs of the perpetrators committing various crimes.

International Update - Cities spring back to life fuelling a global surge in US$10m+ property sales

785 super-prime sales took place across seven global cities analysed during the first six months of 2021, more than double the amount of sales compared to the same period in 2020 and up 52% on the corresponding period of 2019. 

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