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Please see below featured article / message from our Co-Founder, Yianni Pavlou regarding the current COVID-19 lockdown situation in South Africa and abroad.

Our team would like to wish you and your family well during these difficult times. We would also like to assure you that at PPI it is “business as usual” despite our inability to meet and do viewings. 

We wish to remind you that Portfolio Property Investments is fully online via our Unique business platform that can be accessed by us as your agents, yourself as clients, your partners and your auditors “24/7”  no matter where you may be. Likewise, our entire team is still fully functional and at your disposal to discuss your Sales, Leasing, Auction and/or online Property Management.

Be safe and please feel free to contact us. We look forward to being of service to you!


South Africa - Land Expropriation without compensation

Changing the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation has certainly ignited South African politics for 2020. It is worthwhile cutting through the noise.

UK Property - Prime London Lettings Index

This report analyses the property of single-unit rental properties in the existing home market in London.

UK Property - Prime London Sales Index

The prime London sales indices are based on repeat valuations of existing stock and do not include new-build property, although units from completed developments are included over time.

COVID-19 Lockdown - A message from our Co- Founder, Yianni Pavlou

At a time when the World’s Equity, Bond and Commodity prices have plummeted, Crude oil and interest rates at record lows it certainly feels like there is nowhere to hide. An invisible killer haunts us all and the world and way of living as we know it is no longer.

COVID-19 - Use of Sectional Title Common Property During Lockdown

The debate about whether the common property in a sectional title scheme can be used by residents during the COVID-19 lockdown has become extremely heated.

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