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This report analyses the property of single-unit rental properties in the existing home market in London between £250 and £5,000+ per week.

Figure 1 — The number of properties in London valued by Knight Frank for prospective listing on the lettings market reached its lowest monthly total in more than eight years in December. Demand in the sales market has picked up following the general election and the figure suggests more owners may attempt to sell, putting further upwards pressure on rental values.

Figure 2 — The number of new lettings listings in prime central London declined 7.7% in PCL in 2019 compared to 2018, while the decrease was 14.4% in POL. Supply levels have declined in response to tax changes, which may be accelerated by rising activity in the sales market.

Figure 3 — The number of new prospective tenants for properties valued between £1,000 and £4,000 per week increased 22% in 2019. Demand in this section of the market typically comes from senior executives and the uptick suggests growing confidence among businesses despite lingering Brexitrelated uncertainty.

Figure 4 — Some 45% of chief financial officers said the financial prospects for their company had improved compared to three months ago, according to a survey by accountant Deloitte. This was the highest proportion in more than a decade and echoes the renewed sense of optimism that is driving activity levels, if not prices, in London’s prime residential markets. The Purchasing Managers Index showed business activity at a 16-month high, in a further boost for the UK economy.

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