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Legal Matters - Trustees' Duties and Powers

All the powers of a Trustee are 'Fiduciary' which means that they must be exercised as follows...

SA Investment - The Integrated Resource Plan

One of the most important policies of the Ramaphosa government, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), has been approved and made public. It covers the decade to 2030 and gives clarity on and direction for energy investments in South Africa.

Disruptive Technology - Block chain central to building a circular economy

Block chain, the highly innovative and potentially disruptive technology driving the Bitcoin phenomenon, will play a pivotal role in completely transforming the recycling supply chain and making the circular economy a reality.

Renewable Energy - Solarising the right way

It makes no financial sense to keep paying for electricity when you can generate it for yourself. Investing in a solar asset will add tremendous value to your property and enable you to hedge your costs for the next 20 to 25 years. You will also save a massive amount of money over the cumulative lifespan of your investment.

International Portfolios - Top Five Considerations when buying UK Property

If you are an international investor and have decided to buy property in the UK, there are a number of considerations you should bear in mind with regard to the financing. 

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