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International Property - London sees surge in number of US buyers spending an average £7.3m

London, UK – US buyers surge to second place in London’s international buyer rankings, spending an average of £7.3m ($9.3m) in 2019 according to Knight Frank. 

London Property - Office for National Statistics latest data on internal moves within the UK

Migration from London to other parts of the UK reached its highest ever level in 2018, according to data from the Office for National Statistics which tracks internal moves within the UK. 

Legal Matters - Demystifying the executor in a deceased estate.

During a person’s lifetime he/she will gather assets, in other words, belongings such as a house or a motor vehicle. These assets and liabilities will form part of a person’s estate. 

Legal Rights - 7 Common Mistakes to avoid when Cancelling A Lease Agreement

This article deals with the 7 most common mistakes made in cancelling an occupant’s right to reside on the property.

SA Property - Investment Research Note

Under the Noise - Every year Stats SA conducts a General Household Survey (the Survey) to measure the state of social development in the country. The data provides a useful perspective on what is going on in South Africa.

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