Property News - September 2007

Welcome to our property investment newsletter, the aim of which is to keep you up to date and informed as to the most recent property trends.

This month we have managed to secure two very exciting investment opportunities. In our featured property slots we have both a United Kingdom buy-to-let property investment package as well as our development focus at Fashion Lofts in Johannesburg.

Both these developments are great investment opportunities and we encourage our readers to take the time to have a look at them. Full investment reports can be provided on request.


UK Property – Farmland Market Review

Over the past 18 months the price of farmland has risen steadily on the back of strong demand and restricted supply. The rate of price growth has increased over recent months, with the annualised rate now hitting 27.3% - the highest rate since 1977 (when price growth briefly hit 40%).

Property Advice – Make your move Easy

Planning is the key to a stress free move. For those of you who are either moving house or planning to move house - Bond Choice, one of South Africa’s leading mortgage origination companies, has provided us with a useful checklist and guide to help plan for the big day.

Legal Talk – Servitudes

The plaintiff sought to eject the defendants from its property for unlawful occupation. The defendants claimed to be in lawful occupation in terms of a registered servitude entitling their stock to graze down to and be watered from a dam on the property, up to the water's edge.

Development Focus - Investment Boost for Johannesburg City Centre

Investors have again demonstrated their confidence in the Johannesburg CBD as an attractive growth opportunity, buying R35m of affordable apartments in Aengus Lifestyle Properties’ newly converted Tribeca Lofts development on the corner of Jeppe and Eloff Streets within days of launch.

Legal Talk – Info for Landlords and Tenants

This article seeks to provide a summary of the key provisions of the Act which would regulate the common causes of disputes that occur between landlords and tenants, and to thereafter provide an overview of the dispute resolution procedure created by the Act for the resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants.

Focus article - Residential land in South Africa

Over the past few years since 2000, suitable vacant and fully-serviced land for residential development has become increasingly scarce in South Africa on the back of a range of demographic, economic, socio-economic and new housing construction factors.

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