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Planning is the key to a stress free move. Use this checklist as a guide.

6 to 8 weeks before:

  • Confirm moving dates and call for quotes from movers (or organise transport and boxes)
  • Confirm insurance coverage needs
  • Organise transfer of telephone, electricity and water accounts

4 weeks before:

  • Do an inventory of your belongings and allocate them to the rooms in your new house
  • Hold a garage sale or give items you don’t need to charity or friends
  • Arrange for storage of your items if needed
  • Go to your new house to measure for appliances and curtains

3 weeks before:

  • Get back any records you will be taking – medical, dental, school, etc.
  • Keep aside important documents like passports, insurance documents, utility accounts, etc.
  • Begin packing, unless you have arranged for all packing to be handled by the mover
  • Make plans for your pets
  • Send change of address announcements by post or e-mail

2 weeks before:

  • Cancel of reschedule deliveries of newspaper, bread, garden services, etc.
  • If you have a young child, book a baby sitter for moving day

1 week before:

  • Arrange for a transfer of prescriptions
  • Defrost and dry refrigeration/freezer (about 3 days before move)
  • Remove/pack items not to be moved and label them `DO NOT MOVE´
  • Pack a box of essentials needed for moving and label `LAST ON; FIRST OFF´

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