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This month we would like to draw your particular attention to our 4th article which should help give you a good indication of where global property prices are heading and the results of what have turned out to be the best performing countries in the world.


Residential Property Market - Second Quarter 2007

In the first quarter of 2007, nominal house prices in the affordable segment (houses of 40m-79m and priced at R370 000 or less) increased by 18,1% year-on-year (y/y) to about R243 000 on average. The current rising trend in the price growth of affordable housing, which commenced in the fourth quarter of 2006, can be ascribed to the strong demand for housing at the lower end of the market causing prices in this segment to increase at a brisk pace.

SA Property Industry - What will 2007 hold?

The property industry in 2007 is certain to be an interesting and exciting place. The Agent asked some of the leading experts in the field for their take on the biggest events in 2007 and their predictions for the year ahead.

Mortgage Origination – What’s it all about?

Mortgage originators give you independent advice on choosing a home loan and help you obtain it without the hassle of doing all the legwork yourself – we answer some commonly asked questions.

Global House Price Index - First Quarter 2007 results

The Knight Frank Global House Index tracks average house prices across a comprehensive list of countries across the world. This unique index is based on an assessment of price changes in the broad mainstream housing markets of the countries covered.

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