Property News - October 2006

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Homeloans - Getting your first bond

Applying for a home loan is the biggest step in anyones life. The decision itself is a truly life changing experience. Buying a car is not a true asset as it depreciates over time. A house on the other hand is a much better definition of what a true asset really is.

Money Talk - Give yourself some Good Credit

We give you some advice on how to keep a clean slate by maintaining a healthy credit record. With credit application forms spamming your post box and credit facilities popping up faster than the complex development across the road, the time for spending has never been better. Unfortunately, the risk of developing a bad credit record is just as (if not more) likely.

Sectional Title - Living by the Rules

So youve just moved in and settled down in your favourite couch ready to plan a little house-warming party. Sounds great, what can we bring? But before you start drafting your guest list, priming your sound system and allocating parking areas for your guests, its crucial - whether youre a tenant or owner - to check your complex conduct rules before transforming your peaceful living space into a war bunker.

Property Trends - ABSA House Price Index

According to the latest Absa House Price Index, nominal year-on-year growth of 13,6% was recorded in June 2006 compared with a growth rate of 14,3% in May (also see section below on changes to the Absa House Price Index). This was the lowest year-on-year growth since January 2002 when it was also 13,6% and brought the average price of a house in the middle segment of the market (see explanatory notes) to about R798 000 in June. The average nominal year-on-year growth in house prices came to 15,3% in the first six months of 2006.

KwaZulu-Natal - Booming Property Market

The province of KwaZulu Natal is booming, as the property development phenomenon surges on. Albeit somewhat of a slow starter, KZN is now playing catch up with the rest of the country as vast tracks of beautiful land are snatched up by developers and investors alike.

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