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This month, we have put together a property investment seminar, which will take place in Durban on the 18th of June 2007. The focus of the evening will be on Buy to Let investments in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in attending or would like further information contact: [email protected]

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UK Property - Central London housing boom strengthens

Even after 18 months of strong price appreciation, the pace of growth has if anything quickened over time. In the six months to April 2007 monthly price growth averaged 2.8%, compared to only 1.7% in the same period to April 2006

Residential Property Perspective - Second Quarter 2007 (In a nutshell)

The housing market in South Africa experienced strong growth in metropolitan as well as rural areas since 2000, largely as a result of a range of demographic, economic and socio-economic factors. Population growth was faster in the metropolitan areas than in the rural areas. This was mainly driven by the process of urbanisation.

Focus Article Metropolitan and rural housing market developments

This article focuses on the performance of the housing market at metropolitan level compared with that of the rural areas around the country. An analysis of the trends in the metropolitan and rural housing markets follows, touching on aspects such as price developments, the affordability of housing, building costs, and trends in the land and building area of new housing.

Better Safe than Sorry - Get the right insurance cover

Owning your own home is great, but because it is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make, it makes sense to secure your investment, and your familys financial future, against any unforeseen event with the right insurance cover. Lets look at the insurance choices you will have to make.

SA Property Review - Looking back at 2006

Last year was certainly a watershed year for the property industry. The Agent spoke to some of the players in the industry about the biggest event and surprises in 2006, and their impact on the property industry.

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