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Welcome to our property investment newsletter, the aim of which is to keep you up to date and informed as to the most recent property trends.

This month we would like to draw your particular attention to our 2nd article which should help give you a good indication of where global property prices are heading and the results of what have turned out to be the best performing countries in the world.

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Residential Property Perspective Historical trends in new and existing housing in South Africa

The building statistics for new residential buildings regularly published by Statistics South Africa are a source of information with regard to the trends in the demand for and supply of new housing in the country.

Global House Price Index - Fourth Quarter 2006 results

The Knight Frank Global House Index tracks average house prices across a comprehensive list of countries across the world. This unique index is based on an assessment of price changes in the broad mainstream housing markets of the countries covered.

Legal Talk - Evictions Law here to stay for Now

The courts, it seems, are becoming increasingly impatient with tenants' deliberate and prolonged unlawful occupation of properties without any substantive reason, and will not hesitate to grant eviction orders, together with appropriate costs orders, against defaulting tenants.

Property Finance - a different way!

Entrepreneurs operating small and medium sized businesses are often frustrated when they apply for property financing. The deposit required is normally about 35%. This means that if an entrepreneur wishes to purchase a R2 million property, the deposit is R700 000. How often is it that an entrepreneur has this available?

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