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Electricity distribution - A glimpse of what the future could be (South Africa)

A real-life story from the ground up. A former Eskom engineer, his wife and two engineering sons (the Bosch family) have developed a practical example of how electricity distribution in South Africa will change over the next few years.

Financial Responsibility - Solar Geysers in Sectional Title... Owner of Body Corporate

We manage a scheme that has solar geysers. The actual geyser cylinder is installed inside the owner’s section but the solar panel that heats the water is installed on the common property roof. There is one solar panel for each section, connected to the respective geyser. In the event that a solar panel bursts and needs to be replaced, who is responsible to bear the cost, the owner or body corporate?

The Clash of Lifestyles - A noise and smoke dispute in Sectional Title Schemes

It is important for scheme residents who live in close quarters to strike a balance between their rights to enjoy their private spaces and the need to maintain a harmonious living environment for all. However, when this balance cannot be achieved it is important that the parties prepare properly to bring or defend an application to the Community Schemes Ombud Service.

Buying Property as an Investment – Some Strategies for Success

Buying property – whether to live/work in or on a buy-to-let basis – could be one of the most important investments you make. Here are some strategies to help you on your way.

Business Essentials - Why You Need a Shareholders’ Agreement, and How to Structure It

Whether you are forming a new company or buying shares in an existing one, a formal shareholders’ agreement, tailored to suit your particular situation and needs, is essential.

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