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SA Electricity – NERSA

The significant news is in the three determinations the minister sent to NERSA for concurrence.

Directors – When Are They Personally Liable?

“… for the benefit of immunity from liability for its debts, those running the corporation may not use its formal identity to incur obligations recklessly, grossly negligently or fraudulently. If they do, they risk being made personally liable.” 

Buying and Selling Property: Who Pays What Costs?

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” (Warren Buffett)

Marriott Half Year Report 2022 - More Predictable Investment Outcomes

Following the euphoria of 2021 when the global economy staged its most robust post-recession recovery in 80 years, market volatility has increased considerably. Unfortunately, the fastest and biggest monetary and fiscal response to an economic crisis did not come without a cost – inflation.

Body Corporate Matters - Does short-term letting of a residential sectional title unit amount to running a business?

You’ve recently bought an investment property. It’s a residential sectional title unit. You’ve renovated it, and it’s Pinterest-perfect. You go live on AirBnb and and get your first booking the very next day. The bookings keep flowing, as does your rental income. You have zero complaints from anyone at the scheme. Then, two months later, BOOM! A letter arrives from the managing agent.

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