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Legal Matters - 12 Questions to Ask Before You Sign That Deed of Sale

“Knowledge is power” (old proverb) Whether you are buying or selling property, remember that it is too late to ask questions after you sign the Deed of Sale (often called a “Sale Agreement” or “Offer to Purchase”).

Money Matters - The Trouble with Family Loans: A R540,000 Lesson

“Family helps family in times of need” - that’s been part of human culture since long before the dawn of history but be sure to observe all legal formalities. A recent High Court decision provides an excellent example of the risks of not doing so.

Sectional Title - Three ways to resolve unauthorized common property alterations

In a consulting matter I dealt with this month, the trustees of a scheme were undertaking the mammoth task of sorting out 20 years’ worth of unapproved alterations made to the scheme’s common property.

Sectional Title - Who may serve as chairperson of the body corporate’s board of trustees?

“Surely this person cannot be our chairperson?” – a question I often get asked by students and clients alike. With so much misinformation out there, I thought it would be helpful for us to take a closer look at the facts.

Electricity – ‘Green is the new gold’

In one week we got three big announcements on electricity in South Africa.

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