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Contracts Matter - Beware The Badly Worded Bond Clause!

A recent High Court decision provides yet another reminder to have your property sale agreement drawn (or at least checked) by a professional. Before you sign anything!

Economic Policy - Connecting the Dots (South Africa)

A stable macro-economic framework is one of the five key pillars of growth. This simply means sustainable fiscal policies (reasonable deficits and debt) and sound monetary policy (curbing inflation).

United Kingdom - Bank of England slashes forecasts: What it means for the UK housing market

There is little consensus around the Bank’s latest economic predictions, but nobody disputes the impact of a higher base rate.

Legal Update - New Ruling on Divorce Assets: How Does it Affect You?

You may have read of the recent High Court decision declaring a section of the Divorce Act invalid. To understand the importance of this new ruling for many couples about to divorce (and for all couples about to marry), let’s start at the beginning.

International Property - Global House Price Index Q1 2022

House prices across 56 countries and territories worldwide increased by 10.2% on average in the year to March 2022. Furthermore, 45% of markets are still registering double-digit price growth on an annual basis. So, why are economists predicting a house price slowdown?

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