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This month, we would like to draw your special attention to our 5th article entitled “Wealth Preservation Rule” in which Warren Mc Allister, expert author and senior financial planner, expresses the importance of property trusts and protecting ones assets.

In our featured property slot we have a United Kingdom buy-to-let property investment package as well as one of the prime sites within the exclusive Brettenwood Eco Estate. Full investment reports can be provided on request.


Office Property – A laggard in the South African Property Cycle?

Of the major 3 commercial property categories, office space is at the back in the cycle, behind retail and industrial property, implying the expectation of further acceleration in returns. On a nationwide basis, the vacancy rate has been declining steadily since 2003, and according to SAPOA (South African Property Owner’s Association) data, the national A- and B-Grade (based on major data of metropolitan areas) vacancy rate has declined from 15% at the beginning of 2003 to 6% as at the third quarter of last year.

UK Property - Prime central London properties show resilience against darkening skies

January saw prime central London property prices grow by 1.1%; the highest monthly rate since the credit crunch began to build in September 2007 While a gradual slow down continues to take its toll on the main housing market, properties in prime central London appear to be proving resilient against the background of continued economic uncertainty.

ABSA House Price Index – Slowdown in SA house price growth accelerating amidst power cuts

Growth in house prices in the middle-segment of the market slowed to a nominal 9,1% in January 2008 – the lowest price growth since December 1999, when it was 9,3%. Nominal price growth of 10,6% y/y was recorded in December last year. These trends in house price growth are according to the latest Absa House Price Index, which indicates that the average price of a house was about R962 000 in January.

UK Farmland - Prices Hit Record Highs, up 25% in 2007

It is clear that the problems facing the wider property markets have not been felt in the agricultural sector where prices have now risen to an average of £4,129 an acre. Given the turmoil and the unsettled nature of the financial markets this represents an astonishing annual increase of 25.3%, the second highest annual rise on record.

Wealth Preservation Rule - Protect One’s Assets

How many times has your financial advisor told you that you need to increase your life cover? The problem is that they are selling a product and not a solution. Would you like to know how to minimize your tax legally, reduce the need for life cover and protect your assets?

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