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ECC Requirements - Disputes regarding Electrical Compliance Certificates

Most standard property sale agreements will have a clause that states the seller must obtain an ECC when the property is sold. When the seller delivers an ECC issued by a suitably qualified electrician, this ECC is prima facie valid. In other words, the ECC is assumed valid until invalidated by a competent authority.

Retail Update - Malls post best returns in SA’s Commercial Property

Shopping centres delivered better returns for commercial real estate investors in the first half of the year than offices in spite of ongoing pressure on consumer spending.

SA Property - Corobrik views affordable housing market as a key component in 2016

Corobrik believed further developments in South Africa's affordable housing market and investments in social infrastructure were the key to positive prospects for 2016, with the clay brick and paving manufacturer and distributor seeking to add to the value of South Africa’s infrastructure stock and consumer investment at the entry housing level where there is minimal disposable income for maintenance.

UK Property - Households expect house prices to rise in 2016

Some 20.9% of the 1,500 households surveyed across the UK said that the value of their home had risen over the last month, while 3.6% said that prices had fallen.

Investment Landscape - Weathering the Storm

The global investment landscape is in the midst of considerable change, and this has been reflected by unusually volatile markets. Not only have interest rates begun rising in the US for the first time in almost a decade but China’s economic growth is faltering as it transitions from a production to a consumption driven economy.  Not surprisingly, many South African investors are uncertain about where to invest. 

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