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HEREFORD Financial Services is a financial advisory group providing an extensive range of financial services including retail, corporate, stock broking, life assurance, investment management and strategic investments. By building and developing complementary affiliate relationships with companies, HEREFORD has become a dynamic force in the local financial services arena.

Hereford's fundamental business is the provision of sound financial advice and the professional administration and management of clients' assets. Services are tailored to meet the needs of each client, and the technical resources of a modern financial services group like the Liberty Group back this professional approach.

Our Company

At HEREFORD Financial Services we focus on holistic balance sheet management, i.e. management of the assets as well as the liabilities of individuals. Our objective is to provide a "holistic" financial solution to individuals in order to help them both "create" wealth and ultimately "manage" and "protect" their wealth. We ensure that whatever structure we put in place, is tax efficient and cost effective.

Our Philosophy

To ensure long and lasting relationships with every client we place emphasis on obtaining a genuine understanding of our client's needs and requirements in order to meet their objectives.

Our cornerstones remain the highest levels of professionalism, discretion, confidentiality and specialist expertise. The personal relationships on which we believe our success is based will continue to provide our clients and their families with the financial peace of mind that their future generations will benefit from today's wise investment decisions.

In meeting the rapidly changing financial challenges in South Africa, Hereford Financial Services will continue to build on its cornerstones of professionalism, discretion and personal attention.

Products and Services

Financial Planning

Financial planning in the broad sense of the word encompasses our entire life span. On a more technical level this planning process involves:

  1. Investment Planning - Advice on lump sum and recurring investments both locally and offshore.
  2. Retirement Planning - Expert guidance on planning for retirement.
  3. Estate Planning - The arrangement of assets and liabilities so that in the event of death only the assets and not liabilities are transferred to beneficiaries.

Individual Tax Planning

We provide expert tax advice to individuals on prudent tax planning.

Medical aid and Insurance

Advice on the design and implementation of medical aid structures both for:

  • Individuals and
  • Corporates


Will advice and structuring ensures that clients and their beneficiaries derive maximum benefit from the estate.

Business Assurance

The majority of businesses today are exposed to risk with relation to people who manage their enterprises. If an enterprise or individual is not adequately protected against the disability or death of its managers it will face various risks. We therefore offer advice and guidance on how business assurance can cover the risk that its people pose through:

  • Buy and Sell Agreements and
  • Key Man Assurance

Group Benefits

Group benefit schemes contribute to the welfare and efficiency of an organisation and its employees through:

  • Pension and Provident Funds, which provide for a planned system of retirement by helping employees plan for their retirement.

Individual Risk Management

Personal risk management deals with the uncertainty that we face on a daily basis.

We are continually exposed to the possibility of a loss or injury - for example death, disability or dread disease. An important objective is therefore to reduce the severity of this uncertainty through:

  • Life Cover Disability Cover and
  • Dread Disease Cover

Short Term Insurance


  • Money Market Investments
  • Living Pensions
  • Fixed interest compulsory purchase annuities
  • Bonus pension compulsory annuities
  • Preservation Funds
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Endowment Plans
  • Guarantee Structures

The Investment Life Cycle

In planning for the future, it is important that we understand where in the investment lifecycle we are. During our investment lifecycle, we move from a period of wealth creation to wealth management. During the wealth creation phase, we are mainly concerned with, asset accumulation, budgeting, estate planning, debt servicing, insurance, and assurance.

During the period of transition from wealth creation to wealth management we are faced with retirement. Here we are presented with having to make decisions that could impact negatively or positively on our remaining years such as the minimization of tax on lump sums, creation of income, strategy for maturing lump sums, estate planning and risk reduction without increasing tax liability.

At some point in the investment lifecycle we reach a point of consolidation where wealth creation is no longer a necessity. Attention now shifts towards the actual management of our estate or wealth management, which would involve income generation, asset allocation, estate duty, and reduction of tax, wills, and offshore trusts.

Underpinning the investment lifecycle and acting as a foundation to both the wealth creation and wealth management phase is wealth protection. Wealth protection or risk management deals with the uncertainty that we face on a daily basis. We are continually exposed to the possibility of a loss or injury - for example death, disability, hospitalization or dread disease. An important element of any financial plan is therefore to reduce the severity of this uncertainty.

Hereford Financial Services - Well Positioned

Our holistic approach to financial planning is centered around meeting life goals through the proper management of finances. Typical to this process is the provision of insight into the following questions:

  1. Will I have enough capital on retirement to maintain my current standard of living?
  2. If I die, will my spouse have enough money to live on for the rest of his/her life?
  3. If I become disabled will I be provided for?
  4. On approaching retirement how can I manage my tax rate in order to get the most benefit from my retirement lump sum?
  5. Are my assets held in the most tax efficient structures?
  6. How much of my estate can I protect from estate duty for the benefit of your heirs?
  7. How do I protect the purchasing power of my wealth in global terms?

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