UK Property – Are you considering UK Residential Investment Property?

Many Portfolio Property Investment (PPI) clients are currently considering buying a residential property in the UK as an investment. Investing in a suitable property in a high growth area of Britain can be an excellent way to balance your SA property portfolio and build an asset base offshore.

The UK residential market offers:

  • A rock solid economy with minimal and falling interest rates (5 %), low inflation married with high property growth in a HARD currency
  • Build a secure offshore property portfolio for the future with GROWTH and INCOME in £ Sterling
  • Tenants sourced and managed by one of the United Kingdoms largest and most professional agents
  • Tax breaks from Her Majesties Government in certain regeneration areas
  • Liquid capital requirement from as little as £35,000 (R525,000) up to £150,000 (R2,250,000) for prime areas of London

SA Investors have ALLREADY achieved MILLIONS of rands of equity over the last few years through the UK property market.

We are able to provide expert assistance with:

  • UK property selection and purchase
  • Arranging bond finance
  • Legal and contractual advice and referral
  • Rental of the property to suitable tenants
  • Ongoing property management, maintenance and resale
  • Refinancing to allow further property purchase or to release capital gain
  • Ultimate resale of property to release 100 – 150% capital gain


Contact: Bradley Hancock
Email: [email protected]
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