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Founded by Auren Freitas dos Santos, The Advisory is a property advice law firm specialising in community schemes, such as sectional title complexes and home owners’ associations. Our attorneys have gained years of hands-on, practical experience working as property managers at large managing agencies, and have specialised legal experience working as legal consultants at Paddocks under the mentorship of Graham Paddock.

We are proud to announce that Ané de Klerk, a Director of The Advisory, will be presenting the three principal Paddocks UCT online short courses as of April 2021.

The Paddocks UCT online short courses need no introduction, as they are considered by most in the community schemes management industry to be the industry-standard online short course for the training of managing agents, portfolio managers, attorneys, estate agents, trustees, owners and anyone else involved in the management of these types of residential or commercial complexes.

The three courses that will be presented by Ané are:

  1. Paddocks UCT Scheme Manager - Sectional Title online short course
  2. Paddocks UCT Scheme Manager - Home Owners’ Association online short course
  3. Paddocks UCT Start and Manage a Managing Agency online short course

The two “Scheme Manager” short courses are designed to equip students to better perform the tasks associated with the management of community scheme properties and cover the administrative, financial and physical management of these properties. The third course focuses on what a potential entrepreneur would need to know before embarking on the journey of starting their own community schemes managing agency.

As these courses are offered online and part time, they are a perfect fit for the working professional. Students have access to a high level of personalised feedback from Ané, as the Course Instructor and subject matter expert.

For more information on these courses, you can visit The Advisory’s course overview page ( or send an email to [email protected], who will answer your queries with regard to these courses.

Courtesy: The Advisory/Marketing Department


The Advisory is a specialist community schemes law firm that has developed a range of services to cater for all of the legal needs of anyone involved in sectional title schemes, home owners’ associations and other forms of community schemes.


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