Health & Safety - FTS Safety Group increases its footprint with top regional award

One of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading suppliers of safety equipment, FTS Safety Group, received a notable accolade for its dedicated performance this year at the BBF Awards’ ceremony held at Killarney Golf Club in Johannesburg on 9 November.

FTS Safety received the prestigious Lieutenant Award for KwaZulu-Natal after having the highest volume of sales for BBF footwear in one calendar year. The organisation - based in Riverhorse Park, Durban – distributed thousands of units of footwear, throughout South African and abroad the majority of which went to members of the agriculture, manufacturing and oil and gas industries. 

“It was really an honour to receive this year’s Lieutenant Award for KZN and is testament to the hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction that is synonymous with FTS,” explained Pantelis Patric Eleftheriou, Managing Director of FTS Safety Group. “We made a decision almost 10 years ago to be completely safety-focused and, as a result, we don’t supply any non-safety related products and services. This decision has streamlined FTS Safety Group’s offerings within the marketplace, providing each employee with a sense of purpose which is to preserve and improve human life. The success we have achieved, as well as this award, confirms we made the right decision.”

The BBF Awards were established in 2010 following on from the Beier Group Awards which had been disseminated for more than three decades. These awards serve as a way to encourage distributors and suppliers of safety equipment while rewarding deserving organisations. The highly-anticipated annual event also shows appreciation to dedicated clients who are invited to attend. Following the chairman’s annual overview, the several award categories are announced, including the various brand awards and seven provincial Lieutenant Awards.

In addition to footwear, FTS Safety is a complete ‘head-to-foot’ supplier of personal protective and safety equipment which includes gloves, safety eyewear, hearing protection and workwear – the bulk of which is manufactured in South Africa with some additional products supplied by India, China, Germany and the United States. However, through the support of several government initiatives, there is a definite move towards the local manufacture of products, further supporting local industry.  

FTS Safety continues to remain at the forefront of protective and safety equipment because of its industry knowledge. Taking in the varying risks between industries which use different materials and processes, FTS Safety assists organisations with particular fit-for-purpose products to ensure all employees are kept safe at every level. 

And, when it comes to latest industry trends, FTS Safety is leading the way in protective equipment. “We have seen a huge uptake in the sales of flame and acid overalls, as well as specialised respiratory equipment,” explained Eleftheriou. “There are also very technical synthetic materials being used in all aspects of personal protective equipment. These materials provide enhanced protection and comfort, while remaining much more affordable because distributors are competing to service the growing market.”

He said the trend is for more specialised fit-for-purpose products. “Customers have a much higher expectation for expert knowledge. They want high-end products, showing they are investing more in employee safety and comfort.”

Eleftheriou said FTS Safety Group, now in its 36th year, would continue the positive energy garnered from receiving the Lieutenant Award into 2018. “We have a fantastic team, passionate about promoting safety and we are really proud to have the support of our suppliers. We are constantly developing systems to make safety products more user-friendly and cost-effective and we look forward to continuing this tradition.”

Centre Pantelis Patric Eleftheriou, Managing Director of FTS Safety Group proudly displays the Award for highest volume of sales for BBF footwear in one calendar year.  He is pictured with (left) Silvio Ceriana BBF CEO and (right) Ndlela Mazibuko BBF Group Sales Manager 

Pantelis Patric Eleftheriou, Managing Director of FTS Safety Group that received the prestigious award for the highest volume of sales for BBF Footwear is pictured with Rekha Parsotam Key Accounts Manager of FTS Safety

This release has been prepared and distributed on behalf of FTS Safety (Pty) Ltd

For more information kindly contact Grant Bresler on +27 (0)31 5691555

About FTS Safety (Pty) Ltd

The FTS Safety Group is a family business and has supplied business in Durban for over 33 years with Personal Protective equipment.   Since 2005 the Group has expended to include the safety consultancy and a fully-fledged safety training academy.

We have a passion and drive to deliver on your every expectation and live up to our core purpose to preserve and improve human life.

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