Property Expert - Guy Gordon, brings focus to Durban in new role at Tongaat Hulett

In line with Tongaat Hulett’s objective of increasing the pace of economic activity in the greater Durban metropolitan region, the team welcomes property expert, Guy Gordon, as an exclusive, fulltime consultant.

Guy Gordan - Tongaat Hulett

His new role will see him operating across a number of the demand drivers (market sectors) that Tongaat Hulett has identified as having real potential within the region as well as identifying opportunities for new investment and development across Tongaat Hulett’s land portfolio. 

Gordon has a property development background, previously working as Managing Director of Amdec Property Development in Johannesburg and Cape Town. During his decade-long tenure at Amdec, Gordon’s responsibilities included the development, asset and property management of Melrose Arch, the iconic mixed-use development in Johannesburg’s affluent northern suburbs. 

“I am very excited to be a part of the Tongaat Hulett team,” said Gordon. “Having come from a company with national interests, I have established a strong business network in the property space. I believe that this, along with my commercial development experience, will serve to assist in Tongaat Hulett’s ever-expanding focus within various key market sectors.”

Gordon’s appointment provides a powerful indication of the company’s intent to assist other government stakeholders to increase the competitiveness of the region.  

“I believe that there is a very exciting regional message to tell about Durban, particularly in the property space,” explained Gordon. “Certainly more so than in the past.  There is no reason why Durban should not be competing head-on with the likes of Johannesburg and Cape Town.  In national terms, Durban is the second most important economic complex after Gauteng and contributes more to the country’s Gross Domestic Product than Cape Town.”

He said that Durban’s proximity to Johannesburg was perhaps its biggest strategic challenge in the commercial property context, as a lot of corporate business enterprises that would otherwise take up residence in Durban invariably end up locating their head offices in Johannesburg. 

However, Gordon’s role will be to substantially elevate the region’s positioning across South Africa, showcasing the incredible opportunities that the region offers to key industry players at a national level. 

“A major objective of mine will be to increase awareness, nationally, about the fantastic property solutions that Tongaat Hulett is able to facilitate across a wide range of market sectors and prime locations,” he explained.  

Tongaat Hulett Developments has identified a number of key demand drivers and is working with a number of government agencies and industry players to develop such drivers where the region has existing or potential competitive advantages. Gordon has a wealth of experience in a number of these drivers, including high intensity urban mixed-use, residential neighbourhoods, retirement and urban hotels, thereby adding immense value in this space. 

Tongaat Hulett Development constantly seeks to find value creation for all stakeholders, from entry-level opportunities to high-end developments. Gordon’s vast experience in all these fields is now set to greatly enhance the KwaZulu-Natal landscape. 

Issued by: Tongaat Hulett 

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