SA Insurance - It was the best of times it was the worst of times… helps business owners find the right business insurance that considers the unique needs of each business in the context of an unpredictable environment like South Africa.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times… a famous opening line to the Charles Dickens classic a Tale of Two Cities. Fast forward 156 years ahead and these eminent words still ring true. Africa has seen an amazing boom in business development in the last few decades with an even bigger growth in entrepreneurship. With this growth comes the challenges facing Africa too. Crime is one such challenge. In South Africa, crime has become an even tougher reality to live with. Two of South Africa’s major cities have been listed on the “most dangerous cities in the world” list. This is not something to be proud of and certainly something to raise the alarm bells of business owners both locally and internationally.

Protection is key

 Are you a business owner in South Africa and need to protect the business you’ve worked so hard for over the years? Can you trust that your property is kept safe and covered from risk such as theft, fire or staff damage? Life certainly has no guarantees and it can be cruel. When its cruelty strikes, you need to be prepared. Business insurance should be top of your priority list and considering guarantees peace of mind. As a business owner you cannot guarantee that you are safe from break ins, fires and damage to your property. You know what risks your business faces whether it be direct (assets and property) or indirect (legal fees). What you may not know is who to turn to for insurance that adequately covers your business and considers all your business’ needs. is one of South Africa’s most reliable insurance business quotes providers that puts the hassle out of finding the right insurance for your business.

There is not a single business in South Africa that is exempt from finding a comprehensive business insurance.

Consider this; In light of recent lootings in Soweto, many business owners are suffering major loss to stock, damage of property and harm to their staff. How does one bounce back from an incident like this without losing large amounts of money and possibly being unable to get their business back up and running? considers every aspect of your business and finds you affordable quotes for you to choose from. In this instance; a foreign business owner in Soweto would need to find insurance that considers stock, theft, business contents and equipment and staff insurance. With reliable partners like Momentum and Outsurance, you’re guaranteed quality and trusted insurance quotes that service you and your business as a unique and valuable asset. All you need to do in input your information on the form on and they will submit your details to all the insurance companies they believe will best suit your business’ needs! Click here to secure your business today.



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