Property Advice - 10 Tips when looking at a property

10 Tips when looking at a property - Don’t be caught short because you didn’t look for the right things.

1. The kitchen - this is a room where people tend to spend much of their time. Does it meet your needs as a family space, as well as a food preparation area?

2. Natural light - make sure that you view rooms without the aid of clever lighting. When you turn the lights off, is the room still bright and airy, or does it become gloomy and dark?

3. Doors - be aware that an ill-fitting door may be caused by the actual structure of the building moving.

4. Floor - creaking floorboards may mean the floor is unsound. Uneven tiles could mean poor workmanship or moving ground.

5. Damp - don’t be fooled by freshly painted rooms. Inspect all areas for hidden damp.

6. Plumbing – flush the toilets and look for dripping taps or water stains.

7. Exterior – major structural problems should show up on the survey, but look out for rotting window frames and missing roof tiles. Look for mouse and rat droppings or water penetrating in the roof.

8. Neighbourhood – walk around the area and notice things like traffic and industry noise. Make sure that you visit the property both at night and during the day.

9. Growing space – plan ahead. Buyers with young families must consider whether the house has enough room for expansion.

10. Parking – does the house have adequate and safe parking for as many cars as you have?

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