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The Safety compliance inspection consists of the following:

  • A visual inspection of your premises and its tasks.
  • Inspect Health and Safety documentation, fire fighting equipment, tools and equipment.
  • Report on findings including images of problem areas.
  • Report will serve as a guideline for the corrective action that need to be taken in order to be compliant with the OSH Act.

Property Safety Management

Many people are not aware that residential and Commercial Property Management can be quite a dangerous task at times.  Property managers have to take precautions to insure their safety, as well as those of the tenants and staff members they work with. Further they are responsible for the contractors that come to do maintenance on your premises. As a Body Corporate Manager or Body Corporate chairperson you don’t want to have to deal with Inspectors from the Department of Labour harassing you about your premises not complying with the law.

There is a perception that some managers don’t care or are uninterested in the Health and Safety of their employees, but the truth is that most of them don’t have the knowledge or expertise in the Health and Safety field. This is where a health and Safety third party like FTS Safety Consulting and Training comes into play and assists managers with cost effective ways of reducing Health and Safety concerns.

Property managers that are involved in warehouses face their own challenges when it comes to Health and Safety; there are numerous areas that cannot be overlooked. Fire fighting equipment and evacuation procedures being the largest of these areas, as it is your first line of defence against losing all your property in the event of a fire.

Evacuation plans, training of staff, creating a safety system that records and limits the chances of injuries to employees, all falls under the manager’s umbrella and without knowledge and expertise can be a very difficult task to take on.

Further to this when Contractors come onto your premises for either repairing, fabricating or maintaining your complex, warehouse or shopping complex, they become your responsibilities and managing their safety can be a costly and time consuming task.

Below are two sections taken out of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that highlights duties of Complexes, Apartments, Housing estates and shopping malls that most responsible persons are not aware of.

Construction Regulations section 5  “ a contractor shall provide and demonstrate to the client a suitable and sufficiently documented Health and Safety Plan, based on the clients Health and Safety specifications.”

Section 8 of the OSH Act “every employer or owner shall provide and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his or her employees.”

FTS Safety Consultancy and Training offers the following that will assist whoever is responsible for the health and safety of everyone that occupies or works in their particular establishment:

  • Safety Consulting   -Consult, Implement and maintain a documented Health and Safety System to assist in ensuring your premises is safe and complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • A site inspection will be conducted and all areas of concern will be documented and a report submitted to management to identify corrective action needed.
  • Assist with putting a Safety System or action plan in place
  • Contractor Control -Manage external contractors that come onto your premises, ensuring that they work safely and that they are compliant with rules and regulations of your premises as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Courtesy: FTS Safety

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