Property Law - SA Deeds Registries Amendment Bill 2013

The Deeds Registries Amendment Bill , 2013 proposes amendments to the Deeds Registries Act No.47 of 1937.  The Deeds Registration system is structured to guarantee land title. The Bill focuses on amending amongst other things mainly any errors that have been made. It addresses errors and omissions specifically in deeds and other documents,  which involves updating the names in which they are registered and replacing incomplete or unserviceable documents.  This could potentially be beneficial for SAPOA members.

The Bill provides for the following amendments: 

  • To amend the Deeds Registries Act , 1937 , so as to provide discretion in respect of the name of the person or the description of property mentioned and other documents
  • Provision for the issuing of certificates of registered title taking the place of deeds that have become incomplete or unserviceable.
  • Substitution of an obsolete heading 
  • Delete reference made to the Agricultural Credit Act, 1966
  • Regulation of the updating of deeds in respect of change of names of companies, close corporations and surnames of women
  • Amending of definitions and to provide for matters connected therewith

The Bill seeks to rectify crucial  documents, issue accurate certificates of registered title amongst many other objectives and to introduce a process that would enable same to happen. It specifically aims at “getting their house in order” so to speak.  The Registrar of Deeds, Department of Rural and Development and Land reform has given an indication that any changes that would be made are going to be endorsed and recorded and that they would not have to be paid for.
Courtesy: SAPOA

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