SA Property - Old Mutual Property MD to join Old Mutual Emerging Markets

16 August 2011 - Ben Kodisang, Managing Director of Old Mutual Property, will be moving from Old Mutual Property to the wider operations of Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM)  in order to pursue further career opportunities, according to Old Mutual Investment Group SA (OMIGSA) CEO Diane Radley. 

“OMEM’s focus on expanding into Africa and other emerging markets offers an exciting opportunity for many of the talented executives within our group to further develop their careers both in and outside of South Africa,” explained Radley. “They are looking to deploy talent in order to leverage our core South African competencies in other countries, and Ben’s skills and experience will be invaluable to them.”

Kodisang has been MD of Old Mutual Property since January 2005, and has served as President of the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and Chairman of Wesgro (Western Province Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), as well as a director of numerous businesses and bodies including SA Corporate Real Estate Fund, Sphere Holdings (Private Equity), International Property Databank (IPD), SAPOA, Triangle India Fund and Triangle Core Fund, among others.  After nearly seven years of singular focus on property, he has decided to further develop his expertise in other areas, although he will be maintaining some of his directorships.

“Although we at OMIGSA, and Old Mutual Property in particular, are sorry to be losing the direct benefits of Ben’s substantial experience, insights and understanding of the complexities of the property sector, I’m sure we will benefit in many other ways through his future successes within OMEM,” added Radley.  

Until a suitable replacement is found, OMIGSA Cluster Head and Chief Operating Officer Peter Levett will be acting as MD for Old Mutual Property.  Having served on the board of Old Mutual Property for over 10 years, he has a strong understanding of the business and will play an active role in helping shape its future direction.

Courtesy: SAPOA - The South African Property Owners Association

For more information contact:

Jane Padayachee
Events Manager
The South African Property Owners Association
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