Cyprus Property – A guide to living and investing in Cyprus (Part III)


Food in Cyprus is of top quality due to its mild Mediterranean climate. Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish are always fresh and local supermarkets are well stocked with staple commodities and European delights.

Prices are very reasonable and fresh local produce is inexpensive.

In the Paphos region bananas, kiwis, oranges, mandarines, apples, grapes, melons, lemons, strawberries, avocados, almonds, and many other delicious fresh produce grow in abundance.

It is a must to try local specialties like halloumi, lountza, spanakopita and olives marinated in oil and coriander.


The first reference to Cypriot wine is in the Bible. In Solomon’s “Song on Songs” Chapter 1, Verse 14 ‘My beloved is unto me as a cluster of Cyprus in the vineyards on Engadi”.

Cyprus wines and spirits are of excellent quality and are now attaining international recognition for their quality and flavour. In fact, Cyprus’ wine traditions started over 4,000 years ago. One of the island’s wines – Commandaria – is acknowledged to be the oldest in the world and is probably the first-ever to be given an “Appellation of Origin.” Try the local Filfar that has been brewed here since the time of the Crusaders or, if you are after a real kick, try Zivania, a spirit that is drunk neatly, for a unique taste of Cyprus.

An old Cypriot chalice of the 6th century BC recommends its user to “Be happy and drink well”, signifying the place that wine has in Cypriot culture and lifestyle.


There are no restrictions about what to wear in Cyprus, except when visiting monasteries, nunneries and some other holy sites. In the springtime and autumn one layer is ample. In the summertime, dress lightly with materials that breathe. In the winter, you’ll need a jacket and jumper, but only one!


Cyprus works on the 240 voltage system and sockets are of the British standard (though European plugs can also be used in these).

A whole range in leading brands of domestic appliances and computer equipment are available in Paphos and across the island.

Gas is available in the form of portable canisters available at inexpensive prices.


Health care in Cyprus is of a high standard and is inexpensive compared to other European countries, with the majority of doctors having qualified in the USA, UK and other EU universities.

New General hospitals in all towns are designed and equipped with the latest medical and surgical technology from the EU and the USA. Hospital treatment is free for EU citizens, provided that they have the appropriate documentation from their home countries. There are EU terms and conditions which are best reviewed through your national medical agencies. Non-EU citizens will pay hospital fees but these are very low in Cyprus.

For those of you who prefer private treatment, there are many private clinics and medical centres in Cyprus, with highly qualified physicians and surgeons covering every field of medicine.

In addition, health insurance policies can also be arranged through our partner organisations.

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