Cyprus Property – A guide to living and investing in Cyprus (Part I)


Cyprus is in the privileged position to be located in the centre of the Eastern Mediterranean, at the cross-roads of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. This ideal setting has blessed this paradise with a culture which combines elements of the West and the East, bringing together the best of what both worlds have to offer and making everyone feeling right at home. Paphos’ treasures have gained it the privilege of being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, inviting us all to discover its ancient heritage.

Paphos is the jewel of Cyprus, with its mild climate and natural beauty of fertile mountains dipping into crystal clear waters, where its hills slope into deserted bays and its relaxed tempo of life offers visitors and residents a tranquillity and peace few places in the world can compare with.

Experience kaleidoscopes of rich colour in the springtime, summers filled with breathtaking blue skies and sunshine, autumns of colour and contrast and mild winters. Shake hands with the people whose reputation for hospitality and good food is world renowned and you will want to stay forever.


Climate plays an important role in the decision to live abroad. Paphos enjoys short, mild winters and long, warm summers. Temperatures rarely drop below 16 degrees C and with 320 days of sunshine a year. Because Paphos is sheltered from the mountains in the North, it enjoys the finest microclimate on this exquisite island.


Cyprus’ ethnic mix and long religious history has made it a country with a high level of religious freedom. Whilst Cyprus is mostly a Christian Orthodox country, Anglican and Catholic services are held on a regular basis at St. Paul’s Church in Paphos, set in the ruins of an Ancient Basilica.

Cyprus has a long Christian legacy which has vastly characterised the history, culture and traditions of the island. The religious heritage of the island has been marked by the early Christian, Byzantine, Lusignan, Crusader and Ottoman periods which have bestowed monasteries, churches, abbeys and various forms of art of religious significance and interest upon the island.


A few days on the island will show you that Cyprus enjoys an enviable European standard of living, whilst the cost of living on the island remains low in comparison to European standards. According to a survey conducted by the Union Bank of Switzerland, Cyprus ranked as the 10th least expensive business centre in the world and the least expensive in the whole of Europe. Life expectancy stands at 79 years, the literacy rate is at 96,8% and GDP per capita US$ 26,630 making it the 30th richest country in the world.

Source: Human Development Index


On the 1st of May, 2004, Cyprus became a full member of the European Union.

Cyprus’ new EU path brings with it the added benefits of heightened security, increasing employment opportunities and the cheapest property prices for comparable EU locations. Investing in Cyprus has long proved to be a sound decision since prices have been steadily on the increase.

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